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Ankle Update 8/18/11

Hello "Blog Browsers!" Well, to those who haven't heard yet... I have a grade2 torn ligament in my right ankle. I repeat!!! A grade2 torn ligament in my right ankle!! (50% Tare)... I will be out of the water for a few weeks unfortunately. I'm rehabbing currently at Signature Physical Center in San Clemente CA. I hurt my ankle free surfing, warming up in Huntington Beach for the US Open a day before the event. I tried to click a small air revo on an inside right hand shore break section. When landing in the "froth"(White water), I came down off balance and sort of compressed my toes straight back to my shin . It hurt instantly and I couldn't walk or put pressure on it. I was carried out of the water by friends on the beach and then taken to the hospital. I saw Dr. Warren Krammer where I took X-Ray and MRI scans. End result being...busted ankle and no water time!!!!! Daily routine will consist of attending physical therapy/rehab exercises and a whole lot of surf video jonsing!!!!! Whoop whoop!


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